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100 Percent Hipster Command Prompt

Haven’t you heard? GUI’s are out. All the cool kids are going command line. Remember the first time you threw on those skinny jeans? Well maybe not… However, you can get the same feeling from your NEW 100% hipster, no filler terminal window.

If you need help defining a hipster, play a few rounds of bingo.

Ditching terminal

OS X comes with a terminal app. But look. This is almost anti-hipster. No flare.


Now that we have decided to upgrade we can started. We are going to use iTerm2, so go ahead and install it. www.iTerm2.com

Zsh upgrade

With iTerm2 installed we need to change our shell. Zsh offers more features than a standard bash shell. To enable zsh in iTerm2 goto Profiles-> Open Profile -> Edit Profiles. Change the command like so.

Restart iTerm2 and hopefully at this point you have a working zsh shell.

Customize our colors

Great, now you are thinking… we have installed a new application and configured a new shell and our terminal still sucks… Be patient. First we need to change our colors. We will use a neat theme to do this. Solarized. ★ Get it here.Install instructions here

Now those colors look hipster!

Oh My ZSH!@

Oh my zsh is a handful of functions, helpers and themes for your zsh shell. The GitHub repo is here. Once oh my zsh is installed we can theme our prompt. Once we setup a theme our prompt will be transformed into…

Notice that our command prompt is now a star. Hipster! Notice that our current directory is hilighted in yellow. Hipster! Notice that if we are in a git or svn enabled folder we get info on the right! Current branch name. Hipster. We even get a + symbol if we have modified files to commit. NOW that is 100% hipster.

Changing Themes

I have added the theme above to download here. It includes svn and git support. To install the theme copy the file into your homedirectory/.oh-my-zsh/themes folder.

To change your theme you will need to find your .zshrc file in your home directory. To change your theme and plugins modify the lines below.


Now you can go update your wardrobe.