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iOS 7, PhoneGap and the Status Bar

For some folks that just tried out their PhoneGap apps for the first time on iOS 7, you may have seen something like this…

ios7 Status bar

If you are like me, now is the time where you google for awhile to find out how to get rid of something that you have already figured out with iOS 6 🙁 Thanks for the update Apple.

Removing the Status Bar

It turns out that there is yet another new plist setting that will fix this issue. If you are using PhoneGap make sure to update Cordova to the latest release. (3.1)

Next, open your plist file (Resources/{ProjectName}-Info.plist) and add the key “View controller-based status bar appearance” and set it to “NO”. Also, for good measure make sure that “Status bar is initially hidden” is set to “YES”

Plist file